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Betting is only enjoyable in the long term provided you bet responsibly and sensibly. tipster can support you to control your gaming behaviour and offers information about where to get support in case of questions and problems.

Gambling can be entertaining and profitable. As there is always a little bit of luck in play, you cannot always win. For this reason you should not take too high a risk and not bet too much money. We want you to enjoy gaming and being able to correctly assess your gaming behaviour. For this reason we have gathered some information for prevention and support. If you require further information or have questions, you can always send us an e-mail to

How you set yourself limits

  • Determine your maximum total stake for the next week or the next month in advance and do not increase this amount subsequently.
  • Do not pay more money into your gaming account than this amount specified at the start. This also applies in case of lost games.
  • Decide beforehand that you will stop when you reach a certain amount of winnings.
  • Decide beforehand the maximum amount you can afford to lose.
  • If necessary, reduce your limit to ensure that you cannot bet more money than you intended.
  • Only play when you are fully rested and concentrating.
  • Take regular breaks in which you do something else.
  • Never play under the influence of drugs, strong medication or excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • Do not play if you are feeling particularly unwell or depressed.

We give all players the opportunity to set their own limits or to block their own accounts for a certain period of time. You can change your own limits in your account settings by sending us a message via the support form. Please note that an increase of the limit(s) only comes into effect one day (24 hours) after receipt of your request. If a limit is reduced, the new limit is valid with immediate effect. Consequently, tipster does not accept any bets that exceed the limits set by the customer. To block your account, please contact our Support. You can block your account for a limited period or permanently.


Minors are forbidden by law to open an account or participate in betting at In order to be able to place bets at tipster, you need to confirm on registration that you are at least 18 years old, and give your date of birth. For legal reasons, this must be verified with a copy of your legal photo ID when you first request a payout. tipster Ltd. also reserves the right to request proof of the age of a user independently of a payout and to close the account in question until the proof has been provided.

Protect your children

Are you uncertain whether your children might be able to access this site? If you share your computer with minors, you should ensure that they are unable to access your username, passwords and payment details. You can find useful information about child-safe protection for computers and data and about filter solutions at

Who can I contact and where do I find help?

Information and places to contact about gaming addiction as well as professional advice can be found for example on the following websites:

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